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Pore Vacuum

Pore Vacuum

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Hey! Are you struggling with Blackheads? Worry no more as the new pore vacuum easily cleans large oily pores, blackheads, dead skin. Enjoy At Home Microdermabrasion!


Want to know more?

How effective it is for oily pores?

EFFECTIVE CLEANSING: Easily cleans large oily pores, blackheads, dead skin and lessens wrinkles with the 4 different probes

ADJUSTABLE SUCTION: The suction pressure is powerful and adjustable. You can change it according to your skin type and different facial areas.


is it Safe to use?

SAFER TO USE: Different from other pore vacuum machines on the market, our product uses soft edge probes to avoid bruising and the suction pressure ranges from 52-64 kpa to give you a comfortable feeling

TIPS: Do not use the device on one area of the skin for more than 3 seconds. Use a warm towel to open your pores before using this device. Choose the lowest suction setting at first until you get used to using it. We recommend using it for no more than 5 minutes, twice a week

*This is our most popular item and due to mass orders it can sometimes take up to 8 days to process the order and 40 days to receive your item