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Moisturizers Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Hydrating

Moisturizers Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Hydrating

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 Each drop of essence smoothes rejuvenates your skin and enhances your skin barriers, the product contains most effective moisturizing agent and helps to replenish the moisture of the skin and helps to moisture dry and rough skin, to rejuvenate, moisture, and nourish and lift the skin while making it firm.

Method of using Raw liquid ---------------


1. After cleaning apply an appropriate amount of product in the center of the palm 

2. Apply the solution evenly to your face by patting

3. Fully pat each area of the face to help it absorb


Three molecules of hyaluronic acid compound structure promotes absorption it can accelerate the absorption of moisture, replenish water and promote absorption,wrap up skin nutrients, and keep the water hydrated for a long timeMacromolecular hyaluronic acid : will not be absorbed by the skin, stay on the skin surface,forming a protectionMid molecule hyaluronic acid, make skin soft and tender ,Small molecule hyaluronic acid

Small molecule hyaluronic acid In-depth skin, promote skin nutrient absorption