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Hair Fiber 27.5gm - Limited Edition

Hair Fiber 27.5gm - Limited Edition

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Regain your confidence with our best-selling hair fiber.

- Thick Fiber is a Hair building Fiber covers up the thin and receding Hairline. It is sweat, wind and rain resistant. Only if you use a hair spray to lock the fibers, it can last for days until you decide to remove it by shampooing your hair.

-Y ou have to apply on dry hair. Avoid using gel, wax or any hair cream before you apply Thick Fiber. You can style your hair with a comb or brush before applying thick fiber.

- How are we different ? Our fiber is soft and it gives a natural shine that makes the hair looks more real rather than fake with a dull matt fiber.

- It wont leave stains on your clothes. You just need to wipe it with your dry hands and it is gone. easily removed on clothes if it is spread out.

- After you apply Thick Fiber, Keep the bottle covered in room temperature.

- Bottle can last approximately for 3 months but again it all depends how much you use and how thin your hair is.

Mark Bast
I used to think buying a wig was my only alternative with alopecia. I started with one little thin spot 20 years ago. Now the entire top of my head is extremely sparse or bald. Nothing worked for me before this. My only problem was that the dark brown was too dark, and the med brown too light. I found out you could pry/twist off the top of the regular size container or larger, and then you could mix colors to get the exact right match.
I attach the sprayer, cover my head in a fine mist, pat, comb. I continue to apply where needed and then spray with the fiber fix (or hairspray, if in a pinch, works fine). My hair is shiny and I am ready to face the world without being embarrassed about my mostly bald head. I now look like I have hair where there is none, or very little.
This really made a difference in how I feel about myself. I no longer have to be embarrassed or cry about how little hair I have.
Check this out... It really works!



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