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Body Slimming Belt Muscle Stimulator

Body Slimming Belt Muscle Stimulator

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Workout without working out!

The Auto ABS Trainer keeps your muscles toned while you relax, work or watch TV.

15 intensity modes powered through EMS technology help you tone your muscles without the effort of going to the gym or working out. Although you can also use it to compliment your current workout and give your muscles that extra intensity you are craving for, this device will help you tone your muscles effortlessly.



✔️tone your abs

✔️15 intensity levels to suit your needs

✔️EMS technology to stimulate your muscles

✔️tone your arms with the ARMs accessory

✔️no gym required

✔️use it anywhere

✔️use it anytime

✔️no effort

✔️easy to use

✔️easy to setup


  • Expert Abdominal Muscle Stimulator

This Abs Stimulator incorporates the newest revolutionary, wireless, wearable technology that is particularly engineered to contract your abs and other specific parts of the body. The ab toner gives you the freedom to work your muscles, and do other activities at the same time. Moreover, it trims down your waist and burn fat effectively.

  • Easy To Use

 The Abs Toner Belt Muscle Stimulator is designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. Simply attach the belt to the region, where you want the muscle to strengthen. This abs muscle stimulator has 6 modes and 10 intensities which you can select from to assist the fat burning and muscle growing process.