11 Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

11 Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

15 Oct 2017 Arindam Banerjee

A girl’s makeup is not complete without a smokey eye. It's very important to be able to make a smokey eye at short notice using the different colors available. We have obtained some of the most attractive smokey looks in this post for your benefit. This will help teach you how to make good simple but effective smokey eye with a very short duration. In the following steps, you will learn how to make a smokey eye for brown eyes and blue eyes.

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Gold to Brown smokey eye

The look starts with a brown shadow lining the lower lash line followed by work kohl eyeliner at the waterline and on the top lash line. After the two blend, a brown eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the eye followed by a gold shadow blended from the inner corner to the center.

 Silver and Black smokey eye

Well known as a great or classy smokey eye, it created with a light brown from the middle of the eye to the outer corner followed by a cover of a black eyeshadow getting a gradually more pigment towards the outer corners. Bring the eye shadow along the lower lash line adding a subtle of gold on the lower line towards the inner corner. Complete the process with a silver shade in the inner corner and finish with a flush of eyeliner

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Electric Blue Smokey Eye

To have the electric blue vision begin by plotting the eyelid with a delicate dark line in kohl, approximately smirched out all through the wrinkle and along the lash line. Fill in the lines with a dull eye shadow mixed quietly towards the center than with your blue eye shadow, apply the shading down in the focal point of the eyelid. Utilize a kohl eyeliner to turn through the waterline and best eyelid to complete the look.


 Brown Smokey Eye with Thick eyeliner

This is the perfect makeup since you can use it from day to night and will undeniably impact your eyes to pop. To imitate this style start with a light shading toward the edge of the eyes on both best and base, blending out towards a darker brown outwardly corners, again both and base. Use eyeliner to the line along your eyelash line along the best and the base eyelid and edge the style. Finish with a touch of gold in the inward corner.



Graduating Blue smokey eye

Nobody said smokey eye must be with nonpartisan hues. We cherish this exquisite blue look. Begin with a naval force blue eyeliner and make an inconspicuous flick from the external corner of the eye askew towards the finish of the eyebrow. Thicken the line dull shadow and mix towards the focal point of the eye. Utilize a lighter blue to convey the line in the focal point of the eye. Utilize white eyeliner in the Warne line to emphasize the complete look


Golden soft smokey eye

Begin by clearing a light dark colored light from the inward corner of the eyelid and again all through the wrinkle for this emotional shadow. Work an exquisite shade gold over the focal point of the eyelid and the internal corner and wrap up by utilizing eyeliner to draw a line from the inward to the external corner with a flick toward the end. Utilize Kohl to line the water line to complete the look off flawlessly.


Bronze Glittery smokey eye

This is a decent bronzed look that has stolen numerous hearts. Begin with a brilliant shade and compass it appropriate over the eyelid, even up to the temples bone. At that point utilize a dull darker in the wrinkle and mix it out towards the external corner. Utilize eyeliner to sparkle the best lash line from inward to external corner then a kohl pencil to attract the water line.


Gorgeous grey smokey eye

The lovely grey smokey eye is silvery and shimmery two of the favorite things for eyeshadow looks. Start with a neutral shade right across the eyelid. Go over it with a lovely light silver shade.Work a darker grey color from the outer corner towards the center. Add a shimmery light silver to the inner corner and finish with lashings of mascara.

Metallic Smokey Eye

A ravishing bare shimmery shade is worked ideal over the eyelid to begin this shocking look. A dim metallic silver is worked into the inward and external corners of the eye mixed to meet the shimmery bare in the focal point of the eyelid. Eyeliner is utilized for a thin coating the internal to external corners of the best eyelid. The look is done with false eyelashes for an emotional impact.

Soft Neutral smokey with thick eyeliner

Start with an unnoticeable and light dull shaded over the temple bone. Take a darker brown and work it into the wrinkle smearing out carefully. With the help of a champagne sparkle clear it perfect over the cover for an exquisite splendid look. Apply a thick line with the eyeliner working towards a flick which lines parallel with the complete of the eyebrow and fruitions with heaps of mascara

These are some of our most adored smokey eye look. We couldn't be more blissful with this stunning display of makeup inspiration for you to utilize time allowing. You can essentially prompt us about your best decision.

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